Watersports & More!

Enjoy the sea by exploring a variety of watersports! Choose among inflatables, waterski/wakeboard, flyboard, jet- ski, parasailing, windsurfing, sailing, pendalo canoe, SUP.


We provide lessons according to your needs and level. Book your place with our experienced coaches and we ensure the outcome of your endeavors!

Ride the waves

A new summer adventure awaits you!
Dare to begin something new and create new potential for yourself.


Ride on Halkidiki’s blue waters, enjoy the summer breeze and feel the adrenaline flow through your veins!


We provide lessons for beginners or even intermediate or advanced instrustions for waterskiing or wakeboarding.


Flyride is the newest invention of Zapata. The experience gives you the same feeling as riding a Jet Ski, but in the air.

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